What is ImgDiode?
ImgDiode is a free image host. Upload images to ImgDiode to easily share them with anyone over the internet.

Does ImgDiode cost money to use?
Nope! ImgDiode is and always will be free.

Which file types can I upload?
Currently, we accept JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF.

How long will you store my images?
We will store your images indefinitely, or until you decide to delete them.

What is the maximum image size I can upload?
We accept images up to 10MB in size. However, images greater than 2MB will be compressed to 2MB.

Why can I only view 16 images per page in my images?
This limit has been placed to allow users with slower connections to load their images without waiting forever.

How do I add images to my album?
There are multiple ways to add images to albums. Go to your album and click "Add images to album" to easily select images you want to add. Alternatively, right click an image while browsing your images and click "add to album". Lastly, you can add an image to an album from the image page itself under Additional Options.

Why can I view more than 16 images on one page when I am editing the order of my album?
The 16 image limit has been lifted for reordering albums to allow easier organization and less hassle.

What is a custom URL?
A custom URL is a URL that you can customize to better reflect the nature of your image.

Which characters can I use in my custom URL?
You can use any alphanumeric character, dashes and/or underscores.

How long can my custom URL be?
Your custom URL can be up to 100 characters in length.