My Best Bike Adventure

Recognize the future middle school student’s interests by investing in a gift that will advance those interests. For example, give a young musician some private lessons. Budding scientists would appreciate a chemistry set. A set of grown-up art supplies would thrill a young artist. A new bike is a perfect gift for boys and girls who enjoy riding.

Press up on the dentist pick to move the pin out of the lock position. Use the L paper clip to hold the first pin in place. Continue to the next pin, pressing upward again with the dentist pick. Use the L paper clip to hold the next pin as well. Repeat this process until all pins are in the unlocked position. This may take several attempts to unlock each pin and hold it in position to open the cabinet lock.

The Hiking Adventurer Journey


Create a camping/hiking variation of a scavenger hunt that focuses on rustic romance: Create clues that lead to items such as sexy but comfy lingerie, a fold-up camping love seat, heart-shaped molds for pancakes and eggs, a rose-tinted lantern, organizers and magnetic flashlight for the tent; and for after a long hike, a relaxing and fragrant essential oil blend. Offer some as prizes and give the others to the bride. Play charades, pantomiming building a campfire, erecting a tent, putting on mosquito repellent, sayings such as “happy camper” and titles such as “Backpacker Magazine.”

Inspiration Point at Will Rogers State Park: Located in the Pacific Palisades, this 2.25-mile loop climbs just over 300 feet. It provides great views of late actor Will Rogers’ ranch, including the polo fields, and on a clear day you can see the ocean and downtown Los Angeles. For more information about this hike, visit